Kitengela is a cosmopolitan peaceful town located 30 km from Nairobi County. 15 years ago, Kitengela was a dusty small town where pastoralist Maasai grazed and slaughtered their livestock in a group ranch. Later the ranch was subdivided among members for encouragement purposes of owning land privately. Since then Kitengela has been growing vastly to a mini metropolis. This is vividly seen by the residential and commercial development projects sprouting up in the area each day.

Its location makes it a suitable place to build a home. It offers pocket friendly house rents and it’s proximity to Nairobi, Kajiado has been generally undergoing a property boom since 2011 and is still going strong.

Here are some of the advantages of investing in Kitengela;
  • Developed Infrastructure

Kitengela is well served with tamaced roads, electricity, water and sewerage facilities. Majority of settlements are located on both sides of the main Highway with further developments in the interior. Kitengela boasts of very many industries and factories like many cement factories, Export Processing Zones are found in Kitengela, very many textile industries are found here and all this offer employment opportunities, hence an investor can come up with a real estate plan and house the surging figures of employees.

  • Social Amenities

All major banks, supermarkets and fast food joints have become residence of this vibrant town. It has become a mixture of cultures from all over Kenya and has become the favourite destinations for Nairobians interested in buying real estate.

Kitengela has more than 15 banks, 6 or more health facilities, 3 major supermarkets,  two police posts, just kilometres apart though one is in Athi River,  a D.O and Chief’s office all in the town.Banks like National Bank, Co – Operative Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Rafiki Microfinance Bank, Family Bank ,Jamii Bora Bank, Bank Of Africa ,Faulu Bank, Barclays Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank and NIC Bank are just some of the major banks in the town.

  • Economic Growth Stability
Kitengela’s economic growth is stable hence that’s why many people are rushing to invest there. With a stable increase in land prices, increase in the number of residential flats, increase in entertainment spots like hotels and pubs, and a general population explosion shows that people are fine with this town’s economy.
The general  living cost in Kitengela is not as high as in many towns as even those earning below 15,000/- can manage to live a “honourable” life here.
  • Presence of Learning Institutions

Land in Kitengela for family use is suitable and makes the learning process a smooth journey from Nursery all the way to university. With different schools offering different curriculum’s, your child’s learning process is assured. Schools like Kitengela International School, Acacia International Schools, St Monicah,Orchard School, Kitengela Girls, Kitengela primary,  KCA university, East African University, Ummah University among others.

Kajiado county stands out because of it’s fast rise from a small dusty Maasai town to a developed town.Well, with all that in mind, you now know in a nutshell why you should invest in Kitengela, whether commercially or private/residential.



Finding that dream home is an exciting process. However, it can also be tough and tiresome. Many are times that we search for that property that looks stylish, feels comfortable and is located in a cool environment and is affordable.It is a tough search to find a property that suits your need. This is reason enough to build the home you want in your own desired location.

On the other hand, building a home with traditional building methods is quite costly. If you are considering a comfortable and affordable home it is best to consider shipping container for a home. Yes, that’s right, shipping containers are being used to build people’s dream homes. As crazy as it sounds, shipping containers provide an unconventional, yet effective way to build an incredible home at the fraction of the cost of traditional home building.

Container homes are a fantastic building material, and when used appropriately, they offer several advantages over traditional construction materials and methods.

Here are reasons you should consider building a container home.

  • Easy to Use and Construct

Although it may not appear so because of the durable and strong design, shipping containers are very easily modified. You can attach multiple containers, build in doors and windows, and modify the interior and exterior all very easily. This is one of the reasons so many people are building homes with containers. Because they can be stacked on top of each other and put together without much difficulty, there is almost no end to the architectural creativity that is possible.

  • Affordable

Perhaps the most advantageous reason to build a shipping container home is the cost. Shipping containers provide the space, materials, and functionality of a house very cheaply compared to traditional building materials. Even if you were able to build your home traditionally at cost, you would still be saving money by using a shipping container

All that extra money could be applied toward upgrades in your design. You truly would be able to build a dream house without having to cut corners or break the bank. While shipping containers themselves are relatively inexpensive to purchase, modifying shipping containers into houses is very affordable as well.

Fast Building Time

This is one of the greatest benefits to using shipping containers for your new home. Building a house the traditional way can take up to 2 years.This is not the case or shipping containers which can be done in 2 months or even less. With shipping containers,the basic structure of the home is already in place so, there are much fewer building materials to be acquired and assembled.

Once the shipping containers are shipped to your location, the building process has already started.This makes the whole process easy.

Beautifully Designed and Durable

Shipping containers are designed to hold large amounts of cargo safely and securely. They also are built to be stacked on top of each other on cargo ships. Because of these factors, shipping containers are incredibly durable and strong. When using shipping containers to build a house, you can rest assured that your home will be able to withstand anything. Weather will be no concern against a shipping container home.

The simple box design of shipping containers also lends handily to home building. They are able to be modified, already built at comfortable heights, and have a pre-built level of insulation. It is no wonder shipping containers are used for homes and even offices.


Since shipping containers are already designed to be, well, shipped, they are easy to transport. Their unique size is specifically tailored to be carried by large trucks and transported regularly down roads and highways. This is a huge benefit when you are building your home as you can get them delivered quickly and painlessly.

Also, once your home is built, you can move it easily if you like. If you are keeping your design simple and using one container to build into a home, then transporting and moving that home are easy. Just load it up onto a trailer and you good to go.


There are far more benefits to using shipping containers to build a home than mentioned here. The point is, you can quickly, easily, and affordable build a unique and beautiful home using the architectural wonder that is the shipping container.