Everyone’s dream is having a parcel of land be it an eighth, five acres or several thousands. Land ownership is the surest investment there is. They say the best investment on earth is earth. Land investment holds intrinsic value to the owner and signifies permanence in society

It is of importance to ensure that the land you want to purchase will provide the enjoyment that you are seeking.Doing thorough research of the property before getting into any form of agreement is key. This is what we call due diligence. It gives you surety that the property is clean and satisfies all your criteria
So, what should a prospective buyer consider? The following is the first of a three-part list of key items to get one started on the due diligence process.


This is perhaps the most critical characteristic influencing value. The nature and extent of access dictates the type of uses the parcel can offer. Does the parcel front a publicly-maintained road with power and utilities? Does the parcel have a deeded right-of-way across an adjacent landowner? Does the condition of the road surface (e.g. gravel vs. pavement) relegate it to seasonal or year-round use? Research the access thoroughly and understand all the associated benefits and limitations to be sure you can use the parcel as you envision.


Parcel boundary markings exist in many forms and, in some cases, not at all. Always inquire first if a survey exists. It doesn’t necessarily have to be registered at the county registry of deeds, but it must have the imprint of a licensed surveyor to be legitimate. If no survey exists, start with the deed description and obtain a copy of the map. However, beware of the latter source as most municipal tax maps are meant for general location reference and not boundary identification.

Many boundaries also exist in the form of stonewalls and/or barbed wire. Such boundaries are more common in southern and central New England but less so in northern regions where large forested tracts have been managed for their timber for decades.

When physical evidence and legal documentation is lacking or uncertain, a licensed surveyor may be necessary to locate and re-mark the boundaries. Don’t be afraid to engage a professional to help you ascertain the parcel boundaries. It will be money well spent.


A registered deed is the most important document to review. The seller or his/her broker can provide you with a copy. In some cases, you may need to obtain one from the lands registry.

The deed confirms the owner’s identity, who they purchased it from, and when. Most importantly, it provides a physical description of the property,

Read the deed carefully more than once and understand what is for sale, where it’s located, and any encumbrances that may exist. It is strongly advised that an attorney review the deed prior to sale, often done as a contract contingency, and that they conduct a thorough title search to ensure a “clean, marketable” title. There is no substitute for sound legal review in the acquisition process.


Nanyuki is the face of Laikipia County, which seats at the armpit of Mt Kenya. It is sandwiched between Meru and Nyeri counties.It has long been dominated by ranches, conservancies, and pastureland. Investors are changing this to a real estate market and holiday destination.

Its diverse hospitality is a plus for the town. The demand has seen Nanyuki attract housing developments that will be a home in a Nairobi high-end suburbs

Below are some of the reasons why Nanyuki is a hot spot for real estate.

The Lamu port/South Sudan/Ethiopia Transport corridor (LAPSSET)

Lapsset is the first single Gigantic, Integrated, Transformative and Game-Changer infrastructure Project the Government has initiated and prepared under Vision 2030 Strategy Framework without external assistance. The project which is already underway is set to pass through Isiolo, a few kilometres from Nanyuki positioning it to grow even further. This will see the value of land in Nanyuki appreciate exponentially over the next few years.

British Army Training in Kenya(BATUK)

Commonly known by locals  as ”Johnny” BATUK is a permanent training support unit for  British Army based mainly in Nanyuki, 200 km north of Nairobi, but with a small rear element in Kahawa Barracks, just outside Nairobi. It provides the logistic support to visiting units and consists of around 56 permanent staff and reinforcing short tour cohort of another 110 personnel.

The British Army recently acquired a 500 acre land parcel on a 99 year lease from the Kenya Defence Forces where they have set up a training military base. Consequently, this has seen the demand for residential developments swell, and as this demand is met through development of the area, the land value gradually appreciates.

Apart from the British Military, the Kenya Defense force and Kenya Air force

Tourist Destination

Did you know that Nanyuki holds a special place in Prince William’s heart? Yes Prince William who is second in line to succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after his father.

Nanyuki is where he entered into a “pretend engagement” with Jessica Craig before coming back years later to propose to his then girlfriend Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge at Rutundu Log cabins in Nanyuki. It is this same region where his grandmother Elizabeth was when she found out she would be Queen.

With over 10 conservancies, with the most sought after being Ol Pejeta, Lewa conservancy and  Mount Kenya wildlife conservancy, Nanyuki offers you a unique chance to experience more than 80 species of wildlife for example Elephants, Lions, Zebra, Giraffe among others. Nanyuki is home to exquisite hotels and resorts such as the Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari club, Falcon heights just to name a few. With holiday home developments such as Mukima ridge, Mt. Kenya wildlife home, the Maiyan and Enaai golf resort, Nanyuki’s real estate sector is only going to grow.

An interesting fact about Nanyuki is that it is home to the only bear in Africa and Its waters are natural,straight from Mt. Kenya, with very cold temperatures ( No need to refrigerate).

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