Once we hear our investment company launch a new project it is a joy to the investors which makes most of them rush into buying the property without having a view of it especially it the piece of land is in areas that were in your bucket list.Going online becomes the other avenue for researching about the piece of land after interviewing a sales executive in the company. We review photos of the land, looking into nearby spots for social amenities and outdoor activities like fishing, hiking or boating.

It is very important to visit a property before you purchase it, unless you’re a neighbour or already know the property well. The key in making a successful purchase is being confident that the land is a good match with what you are looking for, which means you should see it.

With all this in mind here are some of the things to look out for:

  • Look at food sources, tracks, and water sources to learn more about the quality of wildlife on the property. This will help you determine what steps you may want to take to improve the property over time, while assessing its quality for hunting now.
  • Make sure the property is accessible for the activities you plan to do. Will the entrance roads be passable after a lot of rain? And will the access be sufficient if you decide to build on the property?

  • Check out if the property is a lease property or freehold property. Leasehold property is leased for a period of some years which is renewed when the lease expires while freehold property is owned perpetually.
  • Classification of the land. Is the land agricultural,residential,commercial or government land

  • Check out neighbouring properties. This help in gauging the potentiality of the land
  • See how close utilities are.Even if a map shows that electricity is nearby, you’ll need to see if there would be any challenges in getting power to your home site.
  • Location of the property. How far is the property from the town centre?

      If you are interested in buying a property in 2019, it’s a good idea to start the process now. Find a reputable company that specializes in recreational property sales. Do your homework online, but also go ahead and work with the company to narrow your choices and schedule a visit to see the top sites in person.

      The process can be done quickly and efficiently, but don’t take shortcuts. After all, you will want to find the perfect property for you and your family and friends. So seeing the property and learning everything you can about it is important.